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Are Vaccine Objectors an Uneducated Minority?

Government and media reports routinely state that those choosing not to vaccinate are a misguided and irresponsible minority who take delight in frightening the community with extreme and unfounded claims. Ironic then, that the Government conducted their own surveys into the reasons why most do not vaccinate and reported the following:

In general, such parents tend to be well educated, older, female and of Anglo-Saxon background. Qualitative data suggest that conscientious objectors fear possible but unknown, especially long term, adverse effects of vaccines, believe that lifestyle measures to improve general immunity are viable alternatives to protection from vaccines, and often mistrust the motives of healthcare providers. This limits the ability of healthcare professionals to present pertinent counterarguments. Indeed, there is some evidence that parents philosophically opposed to vaccination may have their objections reinforced by factual information about risks and benefits...

Source: Childhood immunisation : the role of parents and service providers : a review of the literature (P. Bazeley & L. Kemp)

And this...

Except for a few highly educated mothers who make a deliberate decision not to vaccinate, most people do not make decisions about health purely on the scientific evidence. Decision making is complex. Focus group studies in western Sydney suggested that parental reactions to children's immediate distress are stronger than their feelings about later benefits from vaccination. It was proposed that this can be countered by strong commitments to vaccination, strong social support, and depictions of children suffering from diseases (for example, television advertisements of children with pertussis). In our society childhood vaccination is a cultural truism ('what every good mother does for her child') which many accept automatically, without thinking through the issues.

Source: National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children. Read full report...

Why do people refuse vaccination?

Personal and Philosophical Objection

The most controversial objection of all. Why do people refuse to vaccinate? Contrary to mainstream media and medical claims, it is NOT because of wealth, attention seeking, peer pressure, ignorance, indifference or gullibility. The overwhelming majority of those refusing vaccines have carefully researched and scientifically justified reasons for saying NO. The journey to vaccine refusal can be straightforward and logical, isolating and time consuming, or swift, unforgiving and resolute:

Creating Natural Health and Wellbeing

Based on informal surveys and subscriber feedback, vaccine refusers often practice variations of natural hygiene to preserve and maintain optimum health, wellbeing and immunity to disease. Claims that a vaccine (along with many other pharmacuetical and medical treatments) will improve health and prevent disease, or that herd immunity is responsible for their health and protection is completely rejected. Such claims are deemed both unscientific and unproven.

Safe and established disease prevention is achieved via long term, holistic health care. This may include consultation with holistic practitioners who educate and support patients, focusing on the underlying cause of disease, strengthening the bodies own capacity to detoxify, repair and renew. Disease is not feared, but considered a direct and natural immune response to biological toxicity and/or imbalance due to sedentary lifestyle, dehydration, chemical abuse/misuse, allergy, environmental pollutions, diet and psychological, physical or emotional stress and trauma.

Prevention and management of disease or illness is essentially non-invasive and can include specific nutritional supplements and a modified diet, allergy testing, biomechanical manipulation, exercise, fasting, detoxification, medicinal herbs, homeopathy and psychological and emotional counselling. These are practices that have proven effective the world over, and continue to gain scientific validity and recognition.

Social, Political and Ethical Vaccine Refusal

Those who have suffered or witnessed vaccine damage/fatality and/or failure, verify adverse events are not routinely reported, leaving vaccine safety and efficacy unchecked. Consequently vaccine injury continues to be minimised and further research poorly informed. Vaccine damaged families are least likely to agree to further vaccinations for the damaged individual, or subsequent family members.

It is well documented and reported that mass vaccination is politically and financially very big business, guilty of many forms of unethical and biased behaviour. Conflicts of interest in funding and advisory boards, ghost writing, astroturfing, legal exemption from victims claims, biased and/or incomplete research methods and an aggressive rejection of conflicting research all combine to render the Vaccine Industry liable of financial self interest over vaccine safety and effectiveness. The right to refuse medication or medical intervention belongs to all individuals, regardless of government policy.

Religious Objection

The majority of mainstream churches do not have a formal policy on vaccination, however, there are religions that have historically opposed vaccination and/or remain cautious to its practice. Reasons for this are based on their doctrines about the perfection or contamination of the human body, use of animal parts and/or testing, the use of aborted foetal tissues, and philisophical beliefs about healing and Gods divine intention for the human condition (including illness).

Churches include the Amish, Rosicrucians, Hindu, Buddhists, Taliban, Hare Krishna's, Jehovah's Witness and Scientologists. Rejection or acceptance of vaccination may also vary amongst followers. Smaller churches opposed to vaccination (along with many other lifestyle, healing and dietary practices) have been established throughout the world.

Where do the Government figures come from?

The data recorded below is the source for government claims that vaccine refusers represent a very small portion of the population. What is not publicised, and conveniently omitted, is the unknown percentage of population who refuse vaccination and are NOT registered. This includes individuals or couples who are childless (or have children older than 17), families who do not qualify financially for benefits (exceed income requirement), children whose details have dropped off the register (exemption details currently retained till age 7), those born before the exemption register began (1997), international travellers and immigrants. Guided by the activity on facebook, blogs, petitions and public debate, the percentage of vaccine refusers is far higher than the government will admit.

Parliment of Australia - Budget Review 2015/16
Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

There are an increasing number of networks of individuals throughout the world, questioning, investigating and actively challenging vaccination – its failures, industry ethics, propaganda and scientific malpractice...

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